Cross Border Hopes

To many Burmese fleeing the war, the ever worsening economic conditions or government prosecution, the northern Thai city of Measot is a safe heaven. Every day many go across the ironically named “Friendship Bridge” to start a new life in Thailand. Among them are many children who are born into a life in exile as their parents move to Thailand as refugees or migrant workers.

If they scape the war, the mines planted along the way & the human trafficker’s scams they would make it to Thailand to possibly face exploitation in one of the many legal or illegal factories who are more than willing to take advantage of this available source of cheap labour.

NGOs and other organizations in the area have been dedicated to provide schooling and medical care to those who make it across the border. Yet it is far from enough to insure the well-being everyone in the community.

For a brief period of time in 2012 as the economic and political reforms inside Burma started to take place there was a sense of hope within the Burmese community in Measot. However it soon started to fade as the only tangible effect has been a radical reduction of donations which have been supporting many essential humanitarian programs in and around Measot.

Even after the recent economic and political reforms in Burma there is still an increasing number of people who cross the border to Thailand along with their new-borns in search of a better life.

Thailand / Burma (August-2012)

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